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Evoke Coffee

We are more than a mobile espresso bar that makes the best lattes, americanos, and housemade flavors in the city – we are creating space to build community through collaboration. You can find us around Charlotte as we make coffee, discover art, and create connections. 

Who is Evoke Coffee?

Evoke Coffee was started by Joe Keenan of Charlotte, NC who has a passion for coffee, art, music, and collaboration. This is not only a quick stop to grab your morning latte – it’s where you may meet someone from a different industry and build a connection over a cup of coffee.

What We Do?

You bring the people, we bring the coffee! All we need is space, access to a couple electrical outlets, and then I’ll have one of our craft espresso drinks ready for you in minutes .

Events we cater:

Corporate events

Open houses


Art reception


Any where coffee is needed! 


We offer eco-friendly glass bottle options for coffee that can be reused for coffee, water, and any other beverage you would like. 



All syrups on the menu are housemade with high quality ingredients




Let’s collaborate and make your event even better with our espresso bar! Send an email to us